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This page has been provided to make it easier to manage access to the My World website toolkit for Halcyon simulator operation. The website core is an Open Source project for this purpose. I just have to work out where to put it! No, I do not want to just put it up on Github by itself.

MyWorld website is written in .Net VB. It is open for conversion to any other .Net flavor language. I just happen to use .Net VB as my language of choice.


I wanted to add the power of a virtual world to my online school program and work on ways to enhance integration between my school program and the virtual world, by extending the web study program to allow a 3D environment, providing immersive learning into the subjects being studied by the student. I set up with the InWorldz team in 2010 and I built my school program. In 2013 I started the process of creating my school world. I had little direction and support for the project, which I had known would be the situation. As I learned the DB structure and how it worked, I was able to build a Registration page, bought products from merchants in Second Life and InWorldz who would make a deal with me. The simulator program was put up on Oct. 2015 in Github as Halcyon. I realized then, if anyone was going to successfully open and run Halcyon as a world, I could provide the core site and tools for the task. So was born the My World website toolkit for Halcyon Simulator.

What this website tool kit offers:
  1. Immediate World website start up with the website and core grid support in place. World Account creation page with selectable Avatar option.
    (You create the starting avatars.)
  2. Once the MySQL DBs for the world and the website are in place, the required grid accounts may be created using the website: Grid Owner, Grid Library
  3. The Grid Owner account is defined as the world Master Avatar and is also the website system account. Any account may be specified as the "Grid Owner" account.
    The Grid Library is a temporary bypass for the Library folder which has no easy maintenance process for it. It provides a way to make it possible to have Avatar selection in the Account creation process.
  4. User account level Estate Managment for any account that owns one or more regions in your world.
  5. Use the built in Website Administration tools to configure your world.
    • Use provided Style Sheet to change all wesbite content for appearance and features you want to use.
    • Use the Webpage Management to place content on the web pages.
    • Use the Economy Management to determine what economy level you want to have:
      • No Economy, (default)
      • Access Control, to manage uploads and group creation.
      • Full Economy with Buy$ and Sell$ and Accounting support.
        NOTE: This option may require compliance with FinCEN rules for operation.
        Also provides accounting reports for how much was purchased and the currency value based on a fixed exchange rate.
    • Use the Grid Manager to assign regions to region servers. Manage updates and region restarts.
    • Use the Estate Management to create / view all estates and regions in the world, be able to change owners for each.
    • Use the User Management to set website management access, block account logon, set economy limits if full economy is used.
  6. Website template pages for Visual Studio included to add more pages. Website uses a modular, page based, structure with code behind processing.
Website requires some webmaster knowledge to set up in either Windows IIS or Linux web server as well as able to create server virtual machines or setup a single server small world. Grid setup is desgined to support as many user connections as the server can manage. Website installation must have direct MySQL DB access as well as internal network communication with the grid and region host servers. This is for both world security and operation.
DOWNLOADS - Updated 8/10/2020
New Feature!
  • Download Region terrains.
Corrections: A number of corrections were made since last release to improve world management and problems discovered along the way with those who are using this website for their worlds.
  • Added World Promo option to provide a place for residents to upload pictures of places in world for viewer page background images.
  • Extended World Setup to turn on or off the World Promo option.
  • Mundos Market setup controls added. Initial webservice support included for marketplace connection.
  • Added world auto start up support - if server gets restarted to have it restart all assigned regions running in it.
GOALS: As I have time to work on it, add event and places support to the Places page. Started research on the Events and Classifieds with search pages support.
Website Setup Instructions:
Download Website and Halcyon grid setup instructions.
Download Be sure to right click on it and unblock the content before installing.
Download .Net website template files for Visual Studio.
Get Halcyon Simulator on GitHub.
Get Anaximander the best world mapping module for Halcyon.

Server VMWare Setup Instructions:
01 VMWare Initial Setup.pdf
02 VMWare Networking Setup.pdf
03 VM Server Setup.pdf
04 Creating Virtual Machines.pdf
05 WinReg Virtual Machine Setup.pdf
06 VMWareRestoreAccounts.pdf

Whip Installation:
Whip for Windows
Whip for Ubuntu
In Windows its installed to C:\Whip.
For Ubuntu its more involved...
Many thanks to Sonja Thomas and Emperor Starfinder for website testing on their worlds, doing apha testing while I did not have a development world to work with! And to Emperor Starfinder for contributions to extend website options.
Content Copyright © by My World. All rights reserved.